The EU-IOM Joint Initiative aims at enabling returnees to restart their lives in their countries of origin, grounded in IOM’s integrated approach to reintegration. Reintegration assistance under the EU-IOM Joint Initiative supports migrants and their communities, has the potential to complement local development, and mitigates some of the drivers of irregular migration.

The reintegration support aims to address returnees’ economic, social and psychosocial needs and to foster inclusion of communities of return in reintegration planning and support whenever possible. The EU-IOM Joint Initiative does not foresee standard reintegration packages. Instead, reintegration counsellors and returnees jointly define individual reintegration plans, which are tailored to the returnees’ needs and vulnerabilities as well as their opportunities and motivations. The support may be provided to individuals, groups or communities.  

How is the EU – IOM Joint Initiative supporting sustainable reintegration?

1. Local leadership of reintegration support, capacity building of state and non-state actors, and strengthening of reintegration committees/platforms for a coordinated response
2. An integrated approach to reintegration: tailored to the needs of individuals and communities