The EU-IOM Joint Initiative supports community stabilisation initiatives designed to address migration drivers and promote local capacity in order to mitigate or prevent the recurrence of displacement and irregular migration.

These include individual micro-entrepreneurship initiatives, improving the provision of and access to basic services through the rehabilitation of infrastructure and provision of equipment, and attempting to strengthen social cohesion. Throughout these activities, IOM provides training to build the capacity of local actors in order to enhance the sustainability of its actions.

Accordingly, community stabilisation aims to support governments and civil societies in reducing factors that lead to irregular and forced migration, integrating the needs of host communities and marginalized groups, and fostering an inclusive environment for all community members affected by violence, displacement and migration, including non-displaced communities, civil society organizations, youth, government officials, migrants and internally displaced persons.

How is the EU-IOM Joint Initiative supporting community stabilisation?


1. Supporting the implementation of initiatives aiming at community stabilization
2. Involving local stakeholders in community stabilisation efforts
EU-IOM Joint Initiative Brochure