Participants at the regional workshop on integrated approach to reintegration

CAIRO, October 27 – The Middle East and North Africa Regional office of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the EU-IOM Knowledge Management Hub organized a workshop in Cairo on the integrated approach to reintegration in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) on October 25-27 with the participation of government representatives from across the region. 

The workshop introduced IOM’s integrated approach to reintegration using examples from the EU-IOM Joint Initiative for Migrant Protection and Reintegration and allowed participants to reflect on reintegration services in the context of the MENA region and how relevant actors can contribute to sustainable reintegration. 

“This workshop is designed to provide a platform for dialogue and the sharing of best practices amongst all participants. It is critical for us to review and update the tools and our approaches to strengthen our assistance delivered to those who are most vulnerable, including children,” said Mr. Sacha Chan Kam, Senior Regional Specialist at IOM’s regional office for the Middle East and North Africa. 

Close to 30 participants from Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia participated at the workshop, representing authorities directly involved in the reintegration of returning migrants. Participants discussed and exchanged experiences on the different dimensions and forms of reintegration throughout the sessions of the workshop.  

Significant progress has been made in the provision of protection services, including safe and dignified return and sustainable reintegration, however the COVID-19 pandemic and worsening socio-economic conditions in many countries including those in the region increased the drivers of irregular migration. 

The demand for protection assistance, in particular for voluntary return, has increased over the past three years in the region. Return and reintegration is widely recognized as one of the sustainable solutions for stranded irregular migrants and is a vital alternative to otherwise dangerous and often inhumane attempts at further irregular migration. 

IOM’s Regional Office for MENA has developed a Regional Integrated Reintegration Approach for North Africa proposing a way forward working towards national reintegration programs that are protection-anchored, development-oriented, government-owned and partnership based. 

The Regional Approach for North Africa is based on IOM’s global integrated approach to reintegration that is anchored on the understanding that achieving sustainable reintegration depends on the combined efforts of all stakeholders. For this partnership to effective, it is important for all relevant actors to have a common understanding of reintegration initiatives and are able to build on each other’s strengths and expertise. 

The EU-IOM Knowledge Management Hub was established in 2017 under the Pilot Action on Voluntary Return and Sustainable, Community-Based Reintegration funded by the European Union. It aims to strengthen learning across return and reintegration programmes and support the development and harmonization of approaches, processes and tools on these topics.  As part of this, KMH is rolling-out a reintegration training programme, based on the Reintegration Handbook. 

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