Bamako - The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Mali developed an action plan that mainstreams gender as a core element of its activities. The document, based on four key points, was presented to staff members on 8 March 2022, on the occasion of the celebration of International Women’s Day. IOM Mali’s gender action plan covers staff, activities, the working environment, and stakeholder relations.

It aims to improve staff knowledge on gender and migration, ensure gender mainstreaming in all activities, maintain a gender-sensitive working environment and strengthen collaboration with external partners on gender-related issues. In introducing the main points of the document, Camille Balfroid, Resilience Officer at IOM Mali, stressed the need to “ensure that project proposals, reports and evaluations systematically mainstream gender considerations”.

As a sign of their interest in the gender approach, several IOM Mali staff members voluntarily decided to become “gender champions”, to work towards the implementation of the action plan. Pascal Reyntjens, IOM’s Chief of Mission in Mali, welcomed this commitment. With respect to the celebration of 8 March 2022, Mr Reyntjens outlined that in line with the UN theme, IOM has developed its own internal theme: “Climate change and migration: A matter of gender equality.” This theme places particular emphasis on the inclusion of women and their key role in community decision-making mechanisms.

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