Under the EU-IOM Joint Initiative for migrant protection and reintegration, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Regional Office for West and Central Africa is looking to hire a design agency to design, build and maintain a practioners platform (website) for awareness raising on migration in West Africa.


Build a bilingual (English/French) web platform that informs and teaches practitioners from the Communication for Development (C4D) field how to implement campaigns and activities to promote informed migration among different audiences in West Africa. The assignment includes research, prototype, design, build and maintain a practitioners’ platform for awareness raising on migration in West Africa. 

The selected provider will develop a user-friendly online platform, based on the results of preliminary user research and several prototypes. The proposed website design will include template for all learning module types (cf. video, eLearning, articles). Finally, the selected provider will support IOM with uploading content, launching the website, and maintain it for a duration of 6 months.


This call to proposals is open to:

  • Dakar-based companies
  • that can work both in English and French
  • with proven experience in building websites (and/or online applications), conducting user-research and collecting feedback from users
  • a multidisciplinary team that has in-house capacity in all necessary fields (human-centered design, editing, translation, graphic design, branding, social marketing, product and digital design …)
  • professionals that are familiar with C4D concepts and have experience working with UN Agencies or large NGOs before
  • a digital company capable of handling an assignment remotely which has the capacity to roll out training (cf. handover) to IOM staff digitally if needed.

The tasks to be performed by the provider include:

  • Conduct preliminary user research among target audience (C4D practitioners implementing awareness raising campaigns on migration, NGO officers active in the field of migration in West Africa, scholars, IOM awareness raising staff, …) – adapt research methodology to current health safety situation concerning COVID 19 crisis.
  • Name and brand the platform, based on its objectives, scope, future potential evolution, and in line with the EU-IOM Joint Initiative branding
  • Propose domain name and purchase the url and server space for 24 months once approved by IOM
  • Develop a prototype for the website (including mobile and desktop version), and present to key IOM staff (regional awareness raising unit)
  • Roll out user-testing of the website prototype with target audience – adapt research methodology to current health safety situation concerning COVID 19 crisis
  • Integrate IOM and user feedback into a second prototype, and present for validation to IOM
  • Based on the proposed design, design templates for the different website modules (cf. different types of text, video scripts, eLearning modules, ….) and support IOM to provide content in the requested formats
  • Build the website – in English and French – based on the provided content
  • Present the final website for validation
  • Research and propose a dissemination plan through strategic partnerships and targeted promotion
  • Prepare a launch package with promotional elements and visuals for all IOM social media channels, in line with EU-IOM Joint Initiative visibility rules
  • Provide website maintenance as required for four months following the website launch date, as well as a comprehensive backend training and handover to IOM’s awareness raising staff
  • Collect user feedback on the platform after being online for at least 3 months
  • Integrate improvements based on user feedback
  • Provide a report with suggestions for improvement at the end of the contract period. 

Tangible and measurable output of the service:

    • a prototype of an online learning platform for practitioners, including templates for the different learning modules
    • a bilingual web platform, available in English and French
    • a URL and 24 months of server space reserved for the website
    • two user research (preliminary and post-launch feedback) reports
    • a final presentation with recommendations for the following 18 months.

Expected timeline (all dates in 2020, 6 months project)

    • 1 April: starting date contract
    • 15 April: present results user feedback
    • 25 April: a first prototype is available for feedback
    • 6 May: modules for different elements are available
    • 18 May: launch website
    • 1 June: Backend training for IOM staff – to be confirmed after update on COVID 19 remote work situation
    • 30 June: present results user feedback
    • July: all updates are made, based on user & IOM feedback
    • 30 September 2020: delivery final presentation with future recommendations

How to apply?

Interested providers can send a detailed technical and financial offer (in French or English) before March 31, 2020 to lputteman@iom.int copying fkim@iom.int and procurementdkr@iom.int.